Arnold’s Bike Shop

“Arnold’s Bikes started in late 90’s by Gary Arnold in his garage in Savanna, when he introduced Recumbent bikes to the area. He moved to his downtown shop in Savanna in 2001, then moved to Thomson in 2007. Matt had a little bike shop at his house as a kid but due to back issues had not ridden for years. We met Gary and he showed us his recumbents, and we got back into biking then. Gary was a great friend and we did not want to see his bike shop close after his untimely passing and so we have continued Arnold’s Bikes. We also have Mark helping out on repairs, who learned his bike mechanic skills from Gary himself back in the Savanna shop. Most all of our new bikes are designed for comfort, whether they are recumbents or standard upright bikes, so that people are able to ride longer and get the fitness benefits of riding, without having to cut their ride short due to a sore back, sore wrists, knee pain, etc. We have both 2 and 3 wheeled bikes, and the trikes are becoming increasingly popular. Most people are surprised to find that they are able to ride again when they have not been able to ride for years. Sometimes the Campground looks like a Recumbent Bike Rally, as many of the campers ride the recumbents, as well as the upright comfort bikes. We do have rentals available and plenty of inexpensive used bikes as well.” -Lisa, Matt, and Mark

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