Organization Description (2016-2017)

The Village of Thomson is a municipality organized under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Illinois. The Village operations include police protection and public order, control over building and construction, vehicle regulation, public buildings, parking facilities, streets and public ways, garbage collection, operation of water and sewer systems, and various recreation facilities. The fiscal year 2016/2017 operating budget is $1,269,579.

Village offices are located at: 2100 Market Street and 2701 Sandridge Road. The number of full‐time employees is 3 and the approximate number of part-time employees is 10.

Village Board: Village President: Vicky Trager; Trustees: Brian Balk, Charlotte Daehler, Arthur Donart, Linda Foltz, Russ Gies, Lester Mitchell; Village Clerk: Jennifer Foltz.

Committees and Commissions:

Capital Improvements: Arthur Donart, Chairperson; Linda Foltz, Lester Mitchell Finance: Brian Balk, Chairperson; Charlotte Daehler, Russ Gies
HR/Personnel: Charlotte Daehler, Chairperson; Russ Gies, Lester Mitchell Ordinances: Russ Gies, Chairperson; Linda Foltz, Lester Mitchell
Police: Russ Gies, Chairperson; Charlotte Daehler, Lester Mitchell
Street and Parks: Lester Mitchell, Chairperson; Arthur Donart, Linda Foltz
Water and Sewer: Charlotte Daehler, Chairperson; Brian Balk, Lester Mitchell

Planning Commission: Nancy Whitney, Chairperson; Steve Wilkinson, Tammy Garibay, Tom Hoch, Judy Schreiber
Zoning Board of Appeals: Frank Tipton, Chairperson; Louise Green, Philip Brach, Val DeSpain, Frank LaShelle, Eric Trager, Tami Duggan

The Village has the following general categories of records, which are available as required by the Freedom of Information Act: minutes, ordinances, resolutions, Building Department files, Police Department records, general information files. Requests for public records should be directed to the Freedom of Information Officer at the Village Hall, 2100 Market Street, and may be obtained by filling out a Freedom of Information Act request for information form. The fee for copies of public records is reproductive charge: $.15 per page for photo‐copying (first 50 pages free). See the Policy to Establish the Cost of Copying/Printing Village and Police Department Documents for details.

Freedom of Information Officers:
Brian Balk, Village Trustee Elizabeth Balk, Chief of Police